Great Singapore Sale 2017


For GSS 2017, we sourced and found some beautiful Egyptian cotton fabrics from Italy which are such a good buy that we are passing on the savings to you.

Get a made to measure 100% Egyptian cotton shirt at S$125 (U.P. S$165)!*

For Men:   Get two made to measure 100% Egyptian Cotton shirts & a made to measure wool-blend trousers for only S$420 (worth S$560)!*

For Ladies:   Get two made to measure 100% Egyptian Cotton shirts & a made to measure skirt for only S$310 (worth S$439)!*



*T&Cs apply. Valid for a selected range of fabrics only.

Not looking to tailor anything at the moment? Why not get some accessories at a 20% discount! If you have never tailored with us before, and have a pretty standard body size, we are releasing our ready made shirts for just S$50 each!

Offer valid till 13th August 2017. Limited stocks are available for each item. Do drop by early for the best choice.

Three Quick Tips About The Way Men Dress

Tip 1: A Man Dresses According to His Personality

In line with our Personality Quiz, we have designed this season’s collection according to the 4 different personality types.

Check out how we’ve group our latest fabrics to create the perfect wardrobe for each personality below!

Tip 2: A Man Dresses Well to Project Confidence

Learn the tricks of looking dapper and get inspired by photos from our latest collection!

Bosses & women appreciate when you make the effort  to dress up. Make lasting impressions that will take you far.

Tip 3: Men Dress to Fit in with Their Work Place Culture

Our latest collection gives you tips on dressing sharp at work.

A lot depends on the industry that you are in. As a working professional who works in a corporate environment, suit up for a classic look. As a professional in the creative industry, you get to step out and be unconventional.

The Dramatic

Enjoys fashion, keeps up to date with trends and often noticed for bold style.

The Classic

Looks for evergreen outfits and will make effort to dress for an occasion.

The Natural

Comfort and functionality trumps fashion. Will only dress up for very special occasions.

The Romantic

Authentic, compassionate and artistic. Dresses stylishly yet unusually.

Appearances do matter, especially when it comes to first impressions. Do yourself a favour and let your clothes speak for you. Head over to our page to learn more!

Travel Essentials For The Busy

The last thing you’d feel like doing after a long flight is ironing your shirts for those important meetings. In fact, you might not even be able to find an iron where you’re staying!

Wrinkle Emergencies… We’ve all had them. Lucky for you, we’ve got a great travel tip to the rescue!


While you’re taking a hot shower, hang your CVC (chief value cotton) shirt close by without getting it wet. The steam from your shower will naturally smoothen out the fold lines, and in 15 minutes, you will have a wrinkle-free shirt!

It is that simple.

CVC fabrics have a good mix of 60% Cotton and 40% Pontella. Cotton gives you comfort and breathability, while Pontella helps remove wrinkles inherent in cotton, making this fabric naturally comfortable yet resistant to wrinkles. To top it all off, these fabrics have been specially imported all the way from France!

Feeling the need to stock up on some time saving wrinkle resistant shirts now? Check out our range of CVC fabrics below & head on down to our stores to get a wrinkle free shirt tailored today!


Feel Timelessly Refined in Tailored Shirts with our Latest Capsule Launch

From natural flannel checks and classic stripes, to romantic blue tonal patterns perfect for the dramatics, you are bound to find something tasteful from our latest capsule selection. Stay presentable with a crisp tailored shirt on chill-work Fridays, by matching these 100% Cotton Italian shirting fabrics with a pair of navy blue pants.

Available in stores now!

Click on the images below to take a close up look at these fine fabrics.

Free Lunch Time Parking at Capitol Piazza

Looking to pop by our Capitol Piazza store to tailor or collect your shirts? We’ve got some great news for you! Enjoy free parking from 12pm – 2pm daily  with no minimum spend or cumbersome redemption at the concierge. Simply drive through the gantry between the mentioned timings to be eligible for free parking. Check out their website here!


Don’t Miss our Special Deals!



bundle wp.jpg

From now til 31st March 2017, treat yourself to
A custom-made Egyptian cotton shirt for just S$120 (worth S$165)* , or
Enjoy our bundle offer of 2 custom-made Egyptian cotton shirts and 1 custom-made trousers for just S$400 (worth S$542)*!

*selected fabrics only

Check out the shirting fabrics available for the special deals here!

Relocation Sale

Amidst riding the waves of change with our relocation from Raffles Hotel Arcade to our new temporary store at Capitol Piazza, we have decided to hold a very special promotion so everyone can get a chance to hold on to something memorable from our soon-to-be-gone Raffles Hotel Arcade store.

Head down to our store for the last time before it closes on 5th February 2017, and grab your 2 favourite Ready-Made sample shirts from our Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion. Limited stocks are available, so do drop by early for the best choice!



This Buy 1 Get 1 FREE promotion for Ready-Made sample shirts is held exclusively at our Raffles Hotel Arcade store only, and is valid from now til 5th February 2017 while stocks last.

Find us at our temporary store at Capitol Piazza #02-15 from 8th February 2017 onwards (Tel: +65 6336 3556)

Meet Your Match

There is something for everyone, only when you understand yourself well enough first that is…

In our 2016 Year End collection, we have specially selected a wide range of fabrics suited for the four distinct types of dressers, The Dramatic, The Classic, The Natural & The Romantic. Curious to find out which personality type you fall under? Stay tuned to our blog or our facebook page to find out how!

For now, let us introduce you to our latest fabrics. We have curated specific palettes to depict each persona, but it is entirely up to you and your creativity to pick out your favourite fabrics to tailor shirts and suits synchronous to your personality!

Have a close up look at this collection’s exquisite Egyptian Cotton shirting fabrics paired with Woollen or Cotton suiting fabrics below…


shirting fabrics

suiting fabrics

Enjoys fashion, keeps up to date with trends and often noticed for bold style.


shirting fabrics

suiting fabrics

Looks for evergreen outfits and will make effort to dress for an occasion.


shirting fabrics

suiting fabrics

Comfort and functionality trumps fashion. Will only dress up for very special occasions.


shirting fabrics

suiting fabrics

Authentic, compassionate and artistic. Dresses stylishly yet unusually.

…and get inspired by the dress styles of our very own CYC customers now! Define your style today.

Its All In The Details

IMG_1419abc.jpgWondering if you should you settle for that affordable off the rack suit or go the extra mile to tailor one? Sometimes, searching from store to store to find a single well designed jacket, let alone getting its sleeves or hems altered, can be far more troublesome than simply popping by a tailor. Read what we have to say about the benefits of made to measure on Expat Living now!