Wedding Suits: All You Need to Know

Wedding Suits: All You Need to Know

So your wedding’s coming up (congratulations!) and you’re looking for a dapper wedding suit for your big day. But where do you start?

Here is a simple guide covering all the basic rules for finding your dream wedding suit.

Rental or Purchase?

Suit and tuxedo rentals are a popular option – many grooms see it as a budget friendly and practical option, seeing the wedding suit as a single-use item.

However, tuxedo rentals usually cost a few hundred dollars, which can amount to almost as much as a fully tailored suit.

Furthermore, the fit and the fabric material of rental suits are usually sub-par when compared to tailored suits – rental suits are often made of polyester to last through many washings.

Can you re-use your wedding suit?

Your tailored suit can be re-purposed for other uses, such as work or events, as long as you match it with different accessories from your wedding-day look.

This is even more so if your suit is tailored in a classic colour, such as black, dark blue or grey.

Our Recommended Choice?
A 3-piece Suit.

3-piece suits are versatile, flattering, and an icon of classic gentleman’s style.

The Jacket Length

The jacket’s length should not be longer than the base of your palm when your arms are by your side.

The Waistcoat / Vest

Wearing a vest over a shirt keeps you looking smart when the jacket is removed – to make a toast, dance, or simply change up your look for the evening.

For a fitting waistcoat, the last button should sit right above your belt.

The trousers should not be too baggy nor too tight. They should be well balanced. Not sure what this looks like? Consult your tailor and if need be, alter your pants for the best possible fit.

The Colour of the Suit

Does your wedding have a color theme? Bring along the colour swatch
when you select your suit fabric.

Otherwise, here are some guidelines to choose the best suit colour for you.


Mid Grey suits are a classic staple.

If you are unsure of where to start, a sturdy, plain mid grey suit will go with anything, and the style will last through the ages.


Dark blue will also contrast with your surroundings, giving you a defined silhouette.


Tuxedos differ from regular suits because of their satin lapels or trims.

A tuxedo shirt with a bib front is an optional pairing.

Midnight Blue

This unique colour is in between black, blue and purple. Not as stark as black, not as bright as blue, it is a colour that plays tricks on the eyes in the best way possible.

White, Prints, Maroon, Dark Green & all Other Colours

These are for the bold ones with a distinct style personality – the ones who aren’t afraid of the spotlight. Tailoring a suit in an outstanding colour will lessen the re-usability potential of the suit, but will stand out in every picture and create a ‘rockstar’ vibe about you. And why not?

The Suiting Fabric

100% Wool is the ideal choice for most dinner wedding suits – a soft and breathable fabric that will look and feel amazing.

Poly-wool is a great option as well – a good poly-wool material looks identical to a 100% wool suit, and is more budget-friendly.

Linen, summer-wool, cotton or seersucker suits are a great option for outdoor and semi-formal weddings, because of its breathability and its semi-formal look.

Pure Wool

Midnight Blue

Wool Blend



Pro tip: Matte over Shiny Fabrics
Matte fabrics will help your suit appear richer in colour and will cut a striking image in photographs.

The Construction

Outdoor Weddings

Lightweight jackets with a softer construction (half-lining) & less padding on the shoulders will be suitable for the semi-formal occasion.

Dinner Weddings

A suit with classic construction and padding will add a classically flattering bulk to your frame.

Pro tip: try a half or fully canvassed suit for a more natural drape to the suit.

The Finishing Touches


For outdoor weddings, 2-piece suits can be paired with casual leather shoes, such as loafers or a suede moccasin.

For formal weddings, pair the suit with dress shoes in black, brown or oxblood/burgundy.

Mid-grey and blue suits can generally suit all 3 colours – black, brown and oxblood/burgundy.

Black suits generally pair with black shoes. Dark grey suits go with black and oxblood/burgundy shoes.

Brown suits go with brown and oxblood/burgundy shoes.


A tie or bow tie is optional, but recommended.

Add a boutonniere or a flower corsage to give a celebratory mood to the outfit.

Adding pocket squares, tiepins and accessories will elevate your look and capture your unique personality.

These accessories will also make the suit look different if you plan to re-use it!

The Details

Your tailored shirt should be finely ironed, and your shoes well polished.
Your face should be well-groomed, shaved/trimmed, and looking its best.
To up the grooming ante, get your eyebrows professionally groomed – this will make your eyes sparkle.

If you are not opposed to makeup, add a bit of concealer to your under-eyes and oil-blotting powder around your forehead and nose, to prevent shininess in photos.


Give yourself ample time to tailor your suit for the best fit.
We recommend tailoring your suit at least 2 months before your wedding.
This is to allow lead time for any alterations that might need to be made.


Finally, wear your suit with confidence – smile, and take lots of photos!

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