Poly-Viscose for Tailored Trousers

Poly-Viscose for Tailored Trousers

As an introductory offer, you can now tailor a pair of Poly-viscose trousers at S$135 nett each.

But wait, what is Poly-viscose?

First, allow us to break it down into its constituents: Viscose, and Polyester.


Viscose (also called rayon) is a natural fabric, made of wood pulp. It is machine-processed to create thread-like yarns, and is thus considered a ‘semi-synthetic’ fabric.

Due to its soft and smooth properties, is also known as ‘man-made silk’. Its natural fibres makes it comfortable, soft, and breathable.

The downside is that it is structurally weaker than other commonly worn fabrics, such as cotton and polyester.

Close up of blue viscose fabric.
Viscose – smooth, soft, breathable


Polyester is a 100% synthetic fabric, and is one of the strongest, most versatile fabrics around. However, it is generally not as breathable as fabrics made of natural fibres.


Close up of Polyester fabric.
Polyester – strong, versatile, long-lasting, but generally a little less breathable.


When combined, Polyester strengthens viscose, and viscose softens polyester, like a match made in textile heaven.

The result – a smooth, silky, strong fabric with breathable properties. Bonus – it’s machine washable.

Once you go Poly-viscose, you might never go back.

Try our new trousers today!

*Usual price S$165.

(picture sources: viscose: quality-fabrics.co.uk, polyester: fashion-history.lovetoknow.com)


Fabrics You Should Know - Poly-Viscose
Article Name
Fabrics You Should Know - Poly-Viscose
When 1+1>2. Learn about why the Poly-Viscose is an ideal trousers fabric blend that brings out the best of both its components, polyester and viscose.

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