How to Pick the Right Jacket for the Occasion

Think tailor, and the first outer that comes to mind would be a charcoal or a navy suit jacket in pure wool. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg in the wonderful world of menswear and tailoring! Here are some jacket styles you can opt for to elevate your wardrobe.

1 The Basic Suit Jacket

An essential piece in every man’s wardrobe – the first rule of this post is to get your basics right before you skip ahead to the “advance” jacket styles.

How to spot: Comes with a matching pair of trousers tailored in the same fabric.
Material: Usually tailored using pure wool, or wool blends.
When to wear: Wedding dinners, business meetings, business events.

You know that random blazer you throw over jeans when you want to appear a little bit more dapper at events, but don’t want to overdo it? That’s the idea of a sports jacket. It is created as a separate, to be thrown over trousers/jeans to up your dapper game. It is called a sports jacket because people used to wear it while hunting.

The difference between a blazer, a sport jacket and a suit jacket can be found in this link:

So how do you wear a sports jacket?

Here we have CYC’s Italian Linen sports jacket to show you how.

CYC Linen Jacket Navy

With a tailored jacket, you can decide on the fit (relaxed, loose, slim), the colour that matches your skin tone, and the style that fits your unique body shape (single breasted, double breasted, wide lapel, slim lapel, etc.). The result: a meticulously tailored, wonderfully wearable, one-of-a-kind sports jacket to flatter your frame.


Linen is a material that suits the tropical Singapore weather – strong yet breathable (due to the air pockets in the weaving technique) and ever on-trend.

As far as possible, wear a sports jacket with a pair of trousers not too similar in tone.
For example, if your sports jacket is off-white, you can match it with beige, brown or blue trousers.

You can also wear it with straight-cut denim jeans, to create an overall effect of stylish smart casual.

Sports jackets come in any colour you could possibly dream of – but some of the more versatile ones (the ones that are easy to match) are navy blue, medium blue, grey, brown and off-white. Each create a different effect – pick the one that appeals to your nature. No matter the colour, you will look ‘sport-on’ for any occasion with a sports jacket.

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