Fabrics You Should Know – Herringbone

Allow us to introduce you to one of the most underrated fabric of all time – Herringbone. Named after the bones of the herring fish, this elegant and lightly textured fabric has graced the likes of presidents, professors and even WWII soldiers. Due to its crease resistance and long-wearing properties, it has gained a cult … Read moreFabrics You Should Know – Herringbone

New Liberty Prints In Stock!

Liberty London’s vibrant and artistic prints are a surefire way to get a conversation going. That is – if you don’t mind receiving a whole lot of ‘nice shirt!’ and ‘where did you get that shirt?’ comments from strangers. Hot tip: Wear a Liberty shirt under a suit for a fun spin on formality for an … Read moreNew Liberty Prints In Stock!

The Minimalist Bartender #MyCYC

In this series, we get young, up-and-coming Singaporean creatives to discuss their personal style, their work, and about what keeps them going. Jayden Ong is the current brand ambassador for Johnnie Walker whisky in Singapore. The former bartender at Sugarhall & Fancy has recently been nominated for the ‘Rising Star Award’ in the Singapore Bar Awards 2018. She was … Read moreThe Minimalist Bartender #MyCYC

Uniquely Singaporean Printed Shirts

Starting at S$135 for a tailored short sleeved shirt, these prints celebrate quirky things we love about Singapore – the kopitiam chair, stray cats, chope! tissue packets, and colourful laundry hanging in HDB windows (to name a few). And here it is as a shirt! Plus – 100% cotton keeps you cool in our tropical … Read moreUniquely Singaporean Printed Shirts

Why Tailor Shirts?

Model in Marvel x CYC Collection.

At CYC, we often get people asking us the benefits of a custom-tailored shirt. Is it worth it? My off-the-rack shirts fit me well enough. Do I really need a perfect fit? It all depends on the image you are trying to create for yourself. Firstly, do off-the-rack shirts hang off you? Secondly, do you … Read moreWhy Tailor Shirts?

CYC x Marvel: The Custom Tailored Shirt Collection.

  What makes a hero? Standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves? The courage to do the right thing in the face of adversity? In Avengers’ movies, the heroes’ reaction to challenges remind audiences that every day, we have a choice – to persevere in the face of injustice and to remember … Read moreCYC x Marvel: The Custom Tailored Shirt Collection.

Essential Tailored Shirts – The Must Have Shirts in Every Man’s Wardrobe.

Are you excited to be heading out into the real world? While you’re busy blasting resumes out and scheduling interviews, here’s a useful theory to keep in mind so you’ll be ready for your next phase in life – the working world. With just 9 essential items, you can have a variety of outfit combinations … Read moreEssential Tailored Shirts – The Must Have Shirts in Every Man’s Wardrobe.

How to Hide Sweat Stains in Your Tailored Shirts

Was a rather strange title for a sweat blog or a blog about sweat but we had to stay social and stay stylish no? Stains are like allergies. Who needs them? Nobody but all bodies get it in some form. Some more than others. But today’s focus is on sweat stains. Won’t be talking about … Read moreHow to Hide Sweat Stains in Your Tailored Shirts

Chinese New Year Shirting Fabrics – A Review

It’s only 3 weeks till Chinese New Year! Are you still on the hunt for the perfect shirt to wear? Here are 3 things you should be looking out for: Vibrant Colours Remember when your mum used to nag at you for only wearing “black black things”? Please your elders for once and pick something red … Read moreChinese New Year Shirting Fabrics – A Review