How to Pick the Right Jacket for the Occasion

Think tailor, and the first outer that comes to mind would be a charcoal or a navy suit jacket in pure wool. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg in the wonderful world of menswear and tailoring! Here are some jacket styles you can opt for to elevate your wardrobe. 1 The Basic Suit … Read moreHow to Pick the Right Jacket for the Occasion

Check Out These Shirting Fabrics – Promotion

Tailor a checkered shirt in a range of Egyptian Cotton fabrics from renowned mills such as Albini, Thomas Mason, Albiate 1830, and Getzner for just $125 (short sleeve) / $135 (long sleeve).* Fabrics available while stocks last. Click into the images below for a closer look: Available for tailoring at CYC Capitol and CYC Fullerton.Available … Read moreCheck Out These Shirting Fabrics – Promotion

Interview with An Artist – A Singapore Story

In the 1960s, Mr. Sarkasi began his artistic career in Singapore: by selling his sketches in pasar malams (Malay for wet market), and outside of tourist spots for $3-$5 per sketch. Now known as one of Singapore’s foremost fine artists, he has won a number of international awards, including the prestigious Pingat APAD by the Association of … Read moreInterview with An Artist – A Singapore Story

What To Wear Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator — an introspective self report that provides insight into your personality. Discover your Myers-Briggs type here. Now that 2020 is here, it’s time to get to understand yourself better and evolve to become the best version of yourself. They say what you wear influences your mood greatly; so start your year … Read moreWhat To Wear Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

CYC’s Guide To Tailored Trousers

If there is one garment men tend to neglect when they pick out their outfit, it’s trousers. How many of you are guilty of buying cheap dress pants from mass retailers? After-all, it’s just pants (you’ll be covering most of it with a belt anyway)…right? [Newsflash] Your dress pants should fit perfectly around your waist, … Read moreCYC’s Guide To Tailored Trousers

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Who’ve “Already Got All They Need”

Stressing over what to get for the man/men in your life this year? Getting hints on what your partner, dad, or boss wants might not be the easiest thing… Christmas shopping for men, made simple at CYC — We’ve curated a list of essential gifts he (never knew he wanted, but…) would cherish forever; from … Read more5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men Who’ve “Already Got All They Need”

CYC’s Holiday Collection, 2019

7 Festive Shirts You Never Knew You Needed. SINGAPORE: Scorching sun, dry thunderstorms, the occasional sun-shower; basically a myriad of unpredictable weather with almost everything but snow. We might not have the most Christmas-sy weather, but we make up for it all by transforming our favourite street into a whimsical Christmas wonderland every year – … Read moreCYC’s Holiday Collection, 2019

CYC Shirts – Official Care Instructions

With the right care, CYC shirts are known to last for years, even decades. Most gentlemen don’t just instinctively get style right on day one, it takes observation, practice, and following a simple set of rules to achieve that sartorial look. One of the easiest rules to follow is “Never wear a torn or broken … Read moreCYC Shirts – Official Care Instructions

Why Tailoring Your Wedding Suit Is Smarter Than Renting One

1. You can re-use it after your wedding. Re-purposing your wedding suit is easy. Simply tailor your wedding suit in basic colours like grey, black or navy. Too boring? Dress it up for your big day with accessories, such as a fresh or dried flower corsage, and a matching pocket square, or even a vest … Read moreWhy Tailoring Your Wedding Suit Is Smarter Than Renting One