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Our progress through the years: On the left: our first retail shop at Selegie Road; middle: our iconic Raffles Hotel boutique; right: our flagship store at Capitol Piazza.
Our progress through the years: on the left: our first retail shop at Selegie Road; middle: our iconic Raffles Hotel boutique; right: our flagship store at Capitol Piazza.

At CYC, we draw from our heritage of timeless craftsmanship to dress the world with style and confidence. Our history started from 1935, when our founder, Mr. Chiang Yick Ching with his wife, Mrs. Foo Ah Neok, arrived from Ningpo, China to seek better fortunes in Singapore. Through the years, we have built a solid reputation as Singapore’s finest made-to-measure tailor, and we are privileged to have dressed our late founding father, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, and Singapore’s current Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong. 

Our CYC Heritage Wall at Capitol Piazza.
Our CYC Heritage Wall at Capitol Piazza.

Every CYC shirt and suit is not only a made-to-measure piece of art, but also bears testimony to the high aspirations of the wearer and his desire to present his best self to the world. We tailor our garments with quality imported materials, superior craftsmanship, and an attention to detail, tailored to our customer’s exact measurements and preferences. Supported by our in-house advisory, customers can create their own signature style that is ultimately sharp, sophisticated and stylish.

We offer highly personalised services at our retail stores in Singapore, and provide an easy and accessible online experience for our international customers.

The CYC Made to Measure brand lives its deep set values of excellence and trust, supporting sustainability and inspiring customers to live their dream through crafted style.

CYC – Crafted to Your Style.


About Us
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About Us
We are CYC, Singapore's first Made-to-Measure tailor. Since 1935.

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  1. Hi,
    Are you offering women’s custom clothing’s tailor servicing online? and do you ship to all over the world.
    Also May I supply my own fashion designs? and send my measurement by email.
    What about material fabric.


    • Hi, yes we offer women’s custom tailoring for shirts and skirts online and ship all over the world. You can send us your measurements by email, but you will have to use our fabrics. Design-wise, it will depend on what you would like to do. We can let you know if it is possible if you send us a picture. Thanks!

    • Hi Paul,
      We usually take two weeks to get the shirts ready. If you need a faster delivery, we can complete the order within three days but, there will be an express charge of $15 per shirt.
      Look forward to seeing you soon.

    • Hi Mr. Toor,
      We do carry stock of Alumo fabrics and we can take online orders for bespoke shirts.
      We are also able to ship to Pakistan. Please let us know whether you are looking for shirts
      for your personal use or for a business. Hear from you soon.


      Fong Loo Fern

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