Is It Worth It to Tailor Your Shirts?

111223We often get people asking us – why tailor your shirts? Is it worth it? My off-the-rack shirts fit me well enough – do I really need a perfect fit?

It all depends on the image you are trying to create for yourself. Do off-the-rack shirts hang off you? Do you find yourself compromising by folding up your sleeves (because the cuff won’t button), or do you leave the collar constantly unbuttoned (because the collar is too tight)? Is comfort an issue – do you find the material too stiff, too hot, too thin?

Are you looking for a wardrobe solution that will fit perfectly and make you look and feel great?

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Best place to buy tailored shirts in Singapore

Why You Need a Custom-Tailored Shirt

13ffcFor many men, a shirt is a shirt is a shirt. You can get them anywhere, and many men do. Sure, the sleeves may be too long, which is a real pain. Or the tie you need to wear with them makes you feel choked in those long, drawn-out meetings. Or that new slim-fit shirt your wife picked up has you feeling like you’re bursting at the seams.

13ffcIf you’re like many men, it’s just never occurred to you that there might be an alternative. But you must ask yourself- how much more effective would you be in meetings if you weren’t constantly wrestling with that choky tie?

Tailor your shirt so you don't have to go through such pain

13ffcHow much more confident would you feel if you weren’t so focused on making sure the buttons at your waist don’t burst, since you’ve discovered you’re not a ‘slim-fit’ after all?

13ffcWe’ve built an entire business out of helping men just like you stop fidgeting with their ill-fitting shirts. Fitting men with the proper made-to-fit shirts is our passion. Because at CYC Made To Measure, we understand what defines a great fit, and we know how a great fit can make all the difference.

At CYC Made To Measure, We Know

What Defines a Great Fit

  1. So how is a made-to-measure, or tailored shirt different? And what defines a great fit? There are several ways to know that your shirt fits you to perfection:
  2. Your shirt should sit right on the edge of your shoulders- not above, not below, but right on the edge.
  3. The buttons work- if your buttons are pulling the front of your shirt apart, you need to accept that it’s just too small.
  4. You’re not choking- with a properly fitted shirt, you can slip two fingers easily between your neck and the collar.
  5. You can’t pinch too much! If you hold up your arm and you’re able to pinch any more than 2-3 inches of fabric, your shirt’s too big, it’s as simple as that.
  6. If you’re feeling the fabric pull every time you bend your arm, your shirt is not a good fit.


  1. The perfectly fitted shirt sleeve will end right by the indent at the base of your thumb- any lower and it’s too long. Any higher, and it’s too short.
  2. You should be able to raise your arms straight out in front of you without feeling the fabric stretch precariously across your back.
  3. When tucking in your shirt, if you can raise your hands above your head without your shirt coming untucked, it’s a great fit! Ditto if you can bend over to tie your shoes and your shirt stays right where it’s supposed to be.
  4. If you’re wearing your shirt untucked, raise your arms and make sure none of your belly shows. If it does, you need a better fit.123123

If you’ve got all these points covered, your shirt is the perfect fit for you. But if you’re like so many men, you’ve tried brand after brand, and while they may fit great in some areas, they just don’t work for you in others.

So what’s a guy to do?

Tailored Shirts at Affordable Prices

1123 dsdsdsYou’ve heard that tailored shirts are the cream of the crop when it comes to dressing to make a good impression. We all know men who buy tailored/made-to-measure clothing, and we all know they can’t rave enough about how wonderful it is.

1123 dsdsdsBut what you may not know is just how affordable made-to-fit shirts are, especially after considering the benefits.
In fact, when you compare tailored shirts with off-the-rack shirts, the difference in prices is often not as much as you’d think. With the average ready-to-wear shirt ranging anywhere from S$50 – S$200, comparing it to the style and impeccable fit of a custom tailor-made shirt makes the price difference seem like next to nothing.


  • Contrary to popular belief, CYC’s shirts don’t break the bank – our prices start at S$119 for a long sleeved, custom tailored shirt.

1123 dsdsdsMany men consider investing in properly fitted clothing to be an investment in their careers and their social standing. After all, there’s just no replacement for making a solid first impression – and when your clothes are perfectly tailored, people know you mean business.

They say the clothes don’t make the man, but they sure do go a long way toward increasing image, status and comfort.

A Word about Fabric


234234234234234When you’re out for a fine dining experience, you expect to be served only the best. It goes without saying. And when you’re entrusting your image to the finest tailors, you expect to step out in the highest quality clothing.


At CYC Made To Measure, we understand this, and we stake our reputation on every single shirt we tailor. We won’t be happy until you’re happy with your shirt.


So it also goes without saying that we use only the best Egyptian cotton or two-ply cotton fabrics, because when you’re looking for high-end clothing, the right fabric can make a world of difference.

About Egyptian Cotton

cotton plant

234234234234234For centuries, Egypt has been known for its sumptuous, superior cotton, and for good reason. With its soft strength and supple durability, there’s no substitute for this amazing fabric. Handpicked for purity, it’s known for its incomparable softness and its rich feel against your skin.

234234234234234Egyptian cotton’s comparatively longer fibres and unique strength makes it one of the most stress-resistant fabrics in the world, which means you’ll have your made-to-measure CYC shirt for years to come – our clients can vouch for that.

About Two-Ply Cotton

112231123What is two-ply cotton? It’s every tailor’s dream, and your tailored two-ply cotton shirt will soon be your dream too. Fabrics can be single or two-ply. If you’re wearing a two-ply cotton shirt, it means that the raw cotton has been spun into two yarns and then woven together for a softer, finer and yet more durable texture. Two-ply cotton is known for being a highly robust fabric. It’s also known for being fade-and-crease resistant and for being strong enough to last a lifetime.

112231123At CYC Made To Measure, we use only the highest quality Egyptian or two-ply cotton fabrics from Italy, Switzerland and Austria. We insist on only the best to outfit you for success, and our top-notch fabrics speak for themselves.

What to Expect from a Tailor-Made Shirt

412When you’re ordering your tailor-made dress shirt, you can expect to step out in comfort and class. At CYC Made To Measure, we’ll take your measurements and develop a custom profile, so your tailor-made shirts are always just right. No man is perfectly symmetrical. We’re all built to have our own particular features and nuances, and our custom tailoring will work in harmony with your unique body type.

How a tailored shirt should really fit

412Next, we’ll craft your clothing from your choice of Egyptian or two-ply cotton for the ultimate in luxury, so you always look and feel your best. Once your shirt is done, you’ll have a final fitting, during which time we’ll measure for any last-minute alterations, so you know you have a superior fit every time.

412When you buy CYC Made To Measure men’s shirts, you can expect the very best in detail and aesthetics – we’ll create the look you love. Our incredible fabrics are known for retaining their brilliant color, so you’ll never have to worry about aging or fading.


412Our range of superior wrinkle-resistant fabrics and amazing durability means that your wardrobe will keep you looking amazing for many years to come. And above all, our superior service and attention to detail means that you’ll enjoy one of the most impressive buying experiences of your life.


412At CYC Made To Measure, perfection is our passion, and you can expect the best in every shirt you buy. So if you’re tired of struggling with uninspired, off-the-rack solutions, and you’re looking for tailored shirts in Singapore, let us put our passion to work for you.

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