Meet Your Match

There is something for everyone, only when you understand yourself well enough first that is…

In our 2016 Year End collection, we have specially selected a wide range of fabrics suited for the four distinct types of dressers, The Dramatic, The Classic, The Natural & The Romantic. Curious to find out which personality type you fall under? Stay tuned to our blog or our facebook page to find out how!

For now, let us introduce you to our latest fabrics. We have curated specific palettes to depict each persona, but it is entirely up to you and your creativity to pick out your favourite fabrics to tailor shirts and suits synchronous to your personality!

Have a close up look at this collection’s exquisite Egyptian Cotton shirting fabrics paired with Woollen or Cotton suiting fabrics below…


shirting fabrics

suiting fabrics

Enjoys fashion, keeps up to date with trends and often noticed for bold style.


shirting fabrics

suiting fabrics

Looks for evergreen outfits and will make effort to dress for an occasion.


shirting fabrics

suiting fabrics

Comfort and functionality trumps fashion. Will only dress up for very special occasions.


shirting fabrics

suiting fabrics

Authentic, compassionate and artistic. Dresses stylishly yet unusually.

…and get inspired by the dress styles of our very own CYC customers now! Define your style today.

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